About Top Recruit

Message from the Founder

“We wanted to create an experience that truly encompasses the nature of objective exposure and how it would positively influence today’s competitive travelball world. Many events across the country are getting way too big, and featuring far too many facilities for college coaches to find their next recruits. In addition, we are seeing players getting tested and scored around the country in subjective manners which means there isn’t a level playing field for ALL of the attending athletes. We are not a scouting service providing an opinion about players; because after all isn’t that what college coaches are for? It is not our job to suggest who is fit for their program. Nor are we an event hosting group that specializes in high priced tournaments that feature several hundred teams. Our signature touch will always center around what is in the best interest of the student-athletes, the colleges attending our events and the families looking for a great overall experience to go home pleased with. This may not have existed before in travelball sports but I think it is about time!”

Ian C. Jones – Founder
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At Top Recruit, we are focused on continuing to positively enhance the market of competitive fastpitch softball. Our all-inclusive events are designed to increase exposure of student-athletes and provide the best opportunities for self-promotion in front of collegiate coaches both on and off the field.


Collectively, we envision providing a revolutionary platform that will positively impact the lives of today’s Top Recruits by raising the bar for athletes with both on and off the field resources to enable player-coach visibility and player development. We seek to empower parents, coaches and student athletes by providing a platform where athletes can maximize exposure and capitalize on opportunities to continue their education.


All Inclusive Travelball Eco-System

What are some of the constants found in annual events hosted throughout the country?

  • Lack of complimentary opportunities void of any subjective process
  • Majority of teams attending large high-profile events see little to no college coach representation at the auxiliary facilities
  • Too much commuting for teams/parents/college staff to drive from facility to facility
  • Lack of standardized testing/modalities with measurement events and useful purpose behind testing.  It is just being offered as another ting for parents to pay for.
  • A viable option for exposure tournaments where teams who leave large events with no exposure can count on for exposure

Since 2013 we have researched and spoken with travelball parents, coaches, and major college programs to find out what they believe this sport is missing.  Over the past 24+ months at Top Recruit, we have put together what we believe is a solution that will add clarity to what you can expect from everything we stand behind.  Don’t like large events, we will rarely ever hold an event that requires teams to drive to multiple facilities over any given weekend.  Not seeing college coaches at tournaments you’ve attended in the past?  We are taking the time to locate the ‘right’ programs that want to attend quality events with quality student-athletes competing.  Time of the ‘showcase’ side of events?  We still believe there is value in teaching kids to play to win in life.  Winning in sports teaches us a lot, even if you’re on the losing side of a scoreboard/scorebook.  You should always gain from the great sport of fastpitch softball.  We are just doing our part to make the Top Recruit experience one you’ll never forget!

Transparent Initiatives

Everything included in our events, will be well thought out, planned and structured accordingly with the players best interests at heart.  We will not provide any events with last minute overflow field additions because we mistakenly overbooked an event.  It is our responsibility to host the very best event possible for the student-athletes, their teammates, coaches and families. In addition we strive to provide a clear and concise weekend experience for the attending college coaches.



There is a significant difference between the Recreation and Travelball industries. We will continuously refocus after every event on how to make the last one better for the next go around. Constantly staying in the know on the current trends in the game, along with consistently corresponding with college programs for their input on how we can help the game through a tournament atmosphere.

Why Top Recruit

We are confident in our years of research, networking and resources available that we can do the game of fastpitch proud. There are several things occurring in exposure events that put a blackeye on fastpitch softball. At Top Recruit, we hope to provide a lasting impression on the events side of the game, as well as provide everyone involved in attendance of our tournaments peace of mind that there is a group out there making a real difference!