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2016 Great Lakes Labor Day Invitational | Event Recap

In 2016, the 1st annual Great Lakes Labor Day Invitational tournament saw top tier teams from across the great lakes region and over 20 college programs were represented and in attendance. In addition to the competitive game play between teams, players were ran through the Top Recruit NCAA certified combine, competed and learned from college coaches at the Future Prospects camp, and were given plenty of exposure opportunities to showcase themselves throughout the weekend.

One of the highlights from the weekend was the tournament All-Star games, as spectators had packed the park and didn’t leave a single seat open in anticipation for the games. The players selected for the Great Lakes Labor Day Invitational All-Star games were objectively chosen based on their combine results and earned the opportunity to play with and against the best talent from the tournament. With well over 400+ players that participated in the combine, only 24 players from each age division were selected to play in this elite event. Spectators were left in awe as they watched very competitive game play between the future elite college prospects from each age division. From moon shot homeruns, to diving grabs and lights out pitching, the All-Star games featured several exciting moments for all to stand on their feet and applaud.

In addition to the diversity in the participating teams and College Coaches, the addition of the Future Prospects Exposure Camp, Top Recruit player combine, and Top Recruit Great Lakes Labor Day Invitational All-Star Games truly made the Great Lakes Labor Day Invitational a uniquely competitive event for years to come.

Congratulations to the Great Lakes Labor Day Invitational champions and to the teams that earned berths to the 12u/14u Music City Futures Classic and/or the 16u/18uMusic City National Classic!

The Music City Futures & National Classic hosted by Top Recruit® is a mid-summer week long national event; a first of its kind for the Eastern half of the country. With so much attention being put towards the western region, the purpose of the Music City Classic is to provide a platform where teams have the option to compete in Power Pools, Open divisions, and take advantage of opportunities that teams deserve; without having to commute half way across the country.

The event will bring a lot of attention to the eastern part of the region by including guest speakers, demonstration seminars and featured spotlight games in addition to competitive game play and outside activities. From the Northeast, Great Lakes, Midwest, Southeast and Mid-Atlantic, we are excited to welcoming teams to one of the great American cities for families and teams to travel to Nashville, TN and all of the fantastic participating municipalities.

The Music City Classic was created to provide the greatest national event platform and experience for teams, coaches and families in one of the nation’s greatest family-friendly cities.  With only 4 ballpark facilities being used, teams will not be subject to playing at multiple facilities across the greater Nashville area. From college coaches, players, and parents, we are focused on making the Music City Classic an all-around enjoyable experience for all.

Tournament Champs & Births

18u Champion

Central KY Edge

18u Births to Music City National Classic

Lockport Pride

Indy Impact

Louisville Select

Hoosier Heat

Indiana Shockwaves – Klienbub

16u Champion

Indiana Gators – Stafford

16u Births to Music City National Classic

Indy Dreams Bell

Ohio Thunder

Indy Crush Premier

Kentucky Softball Club

Wizards 419

14u Births to Music City Futures Classic

Future Prospects Impact

Cincy Slammers Gold


Indiana Beasts

2016 Starkville Invitational | Event Recap

The first annual Starkville Invitational tournament in 2016 saw over 40 teams and over 20 college coaches in attendance recruiting. Although mother nature made her presence, teams were still able to participate in the Top Recruit NCAA certified combine, obtain great instruction from the Future Prospects exposure camp, compete in the Top Recruit Starkville Invitational All-Star Games and fulfill their 5 game guarantee. 

In addition to the diversity in the participating teams and College Coaches, the addition of the Future Prospects Exposure Camp, Top Recruit player combine, and Top Recruit Starkville Invitational All-Star Games truly makes the Starkville Invitational a uniquely competitive event for years to come.

Tournament Participants

18u Teams

  • Team Mississippi
  • Nola Elite Keith
  • Gulf Coast Shockers
  • Dakine Softball
  • Louisiana Preditors
  • Future Prospects – Impact
  • Alabama Thunder – Anderson
  • Crossfire ’99
  • Arkansas Athletics
  • Alabama Kraze – Tittle
  • MS Motion
  • Birmingham Mustangs
  • Nola Elite – Roy
  • Texas Arsenal – Gold

16u Teams

  • KY Elite Prospects
  • Birmingham Bandits
  • Alley Cats
  • Southhaven Illusions – Smock
  • Louisiana Rookies
  • Louisiana Bam
  • Triton Rays
  • LJC Heat
  • North Alabama Predators
  • Arkansas Rebels
  • MS Blast
  • Sharks – Caldwell
  • Impact Softball
  • Bama Extreme ’99
  • XLR8 Softball
  • MS Rampage
  • Easton Elite
  • Force ’00
  • Louisiana Bombers – Kraft
  • Nola Elite – Brady
  • MS Glory
  • Central MS Legends
  • Sharks Fastpitch – King
  • Alabama Thunder – Bryant

14u Teams

  • Storm Fastpitch
  • Future Prospects – Impact
  • Triton Rays
  • Louisiana Titans
  • Gulf Coast Shockers
  • 3n2 Kentucky
  • Motion ’01
  • Alabama Thunder
2016 Northwest Arkansas Invitational | Event Recap

In 2016, the first annual NW Arkansas Invitational tournament saw over 40 teams and 20+ college coaches in attendance to recruit. In addition to the diversity in the participating teams and College Coaches, the addition of the Future Prospects Exposure Camp, Top Recruit player combine, and Top Recruit NW Arkansas All-Star Games truly makes the NW Arkansas Invitational a uniquely competitive event for years to come.

Tournament Champs

18u Champion > Thunder Elite

16u Champion > NWA Knockouts ’00

14u Champion > KC Dirt Devils ’01

Redondo Beach, CA Top Recruit Softball Combine Results

At the conclusion of this past weekend’s Top Recruit Softball Combine in Redondo Beach, I was very pleased with both the turnout and talent that was represented from the local athletes. There was no shortage of girls showcasing their ability and competing against one another to see who would be the top performer. We are very excited about the partnership we have established with Future Prospects and everything they are bringing to the softball world. We are also looking forward to future events we will be holding as well as working with them to continue supplying athlete’s with top of the line technology and great opportunities to play in front of a wide variety of college coaches. For more details please sign up for the newsletter on the homepage.

The camp, which was originally scheduled for Redondo Union High School had to be moved to The South Bay Refinery Indoor Training Facility. They have a beautiful 20,000+ sqft facility that graciously allowed us to effectively and efficiently transition the camp out of the rain.

One of our main objectives during a combine is to accurately record various measurables that directly apply to softball. This is to both provide an athlete with data to have for personal use and for a college coach to have reliable numbers to help gauge an a players’ potential. Some of the tests we ran and their coordinating testing devices are as follows:

20 yd sprint (Home to 1st Base distance) – we utilize a laser timing system with pre-programmed RFID bands for each athlete to expedite the process while removing standard human error and delay.
Pro-Agility Shuttle – we use the same laser timing system that is used for sprint speed
Vertical Jump – measured using a standard Vertec
Broad Jump
Pitcher Velocity – measured using Stalker Pro II Radar Guns
Pitcher Spin Rate – we use the RevFire to calculate revolutions
Catcher Pop Time
Catcher Velocity – take with Stalker Pro II Radar Guns
Infield/Outfield Velocity – Stalker Pro II Radar Guns

By using the best technology we are able to complete most combines in a short amount of time and such as this event, able to finish prior to the start of the Future Prospects Camp. It was great to see the excitement and enthusiasm from every athlete there and it showed in their scores.

For those players that participated in the combine results can be found on the pdf here:

For more information on the PITCHER SPIN RATE MEASUREMENT category, visit

The top times from the combine are below.

20 yd sprint (Home to 1st Base distance) – Kylie Shay (2.87 sec)
Pro-Agility Shuttle – Riley Kuderca (4.473 sec)
Vertical Jump – Riley Kuderca (23.5″)
Broad Jump – Isabelle Butler (6′ 10″)
Pitcher Velocity – Veronica Garcia (57 mph)
Pitcher Spin Rate – Dropball – Alexis Bonilla (21.5 RPS) Riseball – Karlee White (22.9 RPS)
Catcher Pop Time – Christian Gonzalez (1.69 sec)
Catcher Velocity – Kylie Fraser (62 mph)
Infield Velocity – Aubrey Miller (61 mph)
Outfield Velocity – Clareese Santiago (60 mph)

Media from the combine will be posted on here in the coming days.  We are looking forward to coming back to Southern California and working with even more athletes starting in June 2015!!  Be sure to follow us on Social Media to stay up to date on future events.

On the diamond,

Kyle Hanson

My take on our first showcase…

I was truly impressed and fascinated at the sight of the 57 quality athletes that attended our first annual Unsigned Junior/Senior Showcase. From those who made the drive in from Arizona and California to the local boys, there was a great representation of talent on hand that I know all of our coaches and scouts in attendance were excited to see. It was definitely the kind of weekend that reminds me of how special this game is and brought back floods of memories to when I was in their shoes. Showing up to the park with dozens of other equally talented kids, getting ready to show off every skill you have in front of coaches and peers is a great experience that lasts a long time.

One aspect that I think is a great addition to what we are trying to accomplish with every event that we do is the laser timing gates and system that we implement. It is a great demonstration of how far the game has come just in the short time that I have been done playing. For a kid to walk up to the first gate and flash his wrist and the band that’s on it, already having his information logged into the system, and then running all-out through multiple sets of gates each taking timing splits at various distances, and then for the time to automatically upload to his profile is unbelievable. I am excited for our partnership with Sport Testing and what they will be able to let us accomplish with every sport that we will eventually test.

Perhaps the most distracting thing of the day (in a good way) was the helicopter camera buzzing overhead capturing footage of the kids in action. Being able to have footage from all angles on the field will provide an incredible insight into how a kid moves and acts on the field…along with looking cool! I know I caught myself staring at the helicopter throughout the day as it flew around the field. I am very confident to say that we will spare no expense to try and give every athlete that joins us the best opportunity to create the best profile they can to help get seen.

As the weekend concluded I know I can speak for my colleagues as well as the athletes and coaches in attendance that our next event cannot come soon enough. All the boys got a tremendous amount of time to show off their skills and gave the coaches’ and scouts’ a great chance to observe them in action. We will continue to perfect what we do in every aspect possible, as well as constantly look for new and better ways to help an athlete excel. I can’t wait for our upcoming events and expanding our profile system in 2014!