Nov 10, 2017 - Nov 12, 2017
14u $625 | 16u-18u $725
Gulfport Veterans Day Showcase – Gulfport, MS

The inaugural Gulfport Veterans Day Showcase is the first of many planned showcase tournaments that Top Recruit will use to help catapult our community’s efforts to support various charitable causes.  This is a 5GG showcase tournament with automatic berth implications for the 2018 Music City National Classic in Nashville, TN July 5th-8th.  Read on for more details.  We have a goal to raise more than $3000 through registration proceeds.  Help us to increase the recognition and celebration of Veterans Day and make an impact on the lives of Veterans through your team’s participation and charitable efforts.

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June 15, 2018 - June 17, 2018
14u $725 | 16u-18u $825
Shreveport Instructional – Shreveport, LA

First event of its kind for Top Recruit, teams will receive 4 instructional games with various college programs and finish with a single-elimination bracket to determine the tournament winner per age division.  We want to make sure the right types of programs are accepted into this event so we aren’t having teams that have never showcased or don’t understand the exposure tournament landscape to take fill up a valuable tournament team slot.  Requesting an invite to this event does not cost anything.

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June 23, 2018 - June 24, 2018
5GG-Double Elim / $750
3rd Annual NW Arkansas Classic – Bentonville, AR

We return back to Memorial Park in Bentonville, AR to host what should be our best edition of this event yet.  After a first year event in 2016 that saw 30 teams, our 2nd year event saw an additional 8 teams participate across the entire event with 3 teams from their respective divisions being awarded automatic berths to our 2018 Music City National Classic in Nashville, TN.  Congratulations to the 14u NWA Knockouts, 16u KC Infinity and 18u NWA Knockouts Wildeman.

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July 6, 2018 - July 8 2018
14u-$675 | 16u/18u-$795
2nd Annual Mid-Atlantic Summer Classic – Sterling, VA

We are returning to northern Virginia to host a 2nd installment of the Mid-Atlantic Summer Classic.  Last year’s event we awarded 5 teams automatic berths to the 2018 Music City National Classic and we will see those teams in Nashville, TN in early July.  Congratulations again to: Crushers 03, Galaxy Red, Ashburn Shooting Stars 2020, Xplosion 2K1 and SYA Xplosion.  This year’s tournament will feature a much different structure with teams playing at a set facility and designated fields the entire weekend limiting travel on the teams/parents.  Every team will receive 1 instructional games with 2 college coaches as part of the Pool Games.  Double Elimination Bracket seeding will be based on the final 2 Pool Games.

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July 5, 2018 - July 8, 2018
14u $875 | 16u/18u $1050
2nd Annual Music City National Classic – Columbia, TN

After a successful first year event in 2017 that saw teams from 12 different states and college programs attending form 8 states from Div-1 to NJCAA.  Winning teams from 2016 will be welcomed to defend their championships:

  • 18u: Team Kentucky Gold
  • 16u Premier: Firecrackers OK Pellegrino
  • 16u Open: Carolina Cardinals East
  • 14u: Tulsa Elite OKC 2021

This year’s tournament will be a 4-day showcase tournament with specific days selected for the College Exposure Camp, Team Combine and Top Recruit Games (all-star game, weather permitting).  ALL TEAMS will be required to have no less than 3 players attend the College Exposure Camp however there will be an opt-out option.  At a very minimum for games not played, we do have a weather policy for any appropriate refunds.  We can proudly say that we were hit with rain on 3 of the days and we did not miss a single scheduled game.

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